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From: "Robert L. Shady" <rls>
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Subject: SCSI-2 Hard Drives -- Which one?
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 1994 07:14:54 +1523847 (EDT)
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Alright, spawned off of my last question, I had planned on getting the
Micropolis 2.4GB drive, which probably won't happen cause my distributor
won't even pull them into stock unless I buy 25+, which isn't likely to
happen anytime soon.  So, my question to you is, what drive would *YOU*
recommend for my multi-user dialup UNIX system?

	1) Be around 2GB's.
	2) Must be DEALER cost of ~$1400 or less (what I was paying for the 2.4GB)
	3) Must have a low access & seek rate (<=12ms)
	4) Should have a MTBF of 200,000+ hrs.
	5) Should have a warranty of 3+ years

If you don't know the exact specifications, but have a decent drive in mind,
PLEASE recommend it anyways.  I pretty much need to make a decision today,
since the drive I am using now is being shipped back this coming up monday,
I need to transfer all of my files & stuff this weekend.  Also, does the
Seagate drives still have as many problems as they used to?  Are they even
worth the time to look at?  I have had sever problems with Seagate in the
past, and would HATE to go through that again... But..