Subject: Re: Help with getting current?
To: Chris G. Demetriou <uunet!postgres.Berkeley.EDU!>
From: David Rosenthal <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/07/1994 09:40:04
To confirm the boot problem with the uha,  I started again from scratch.

Here is the configuration,  excluding the SCSI host adaptor:

	Gateway	486/33,  about 15 months old,  4Mb

	device	port	irq	drq
	pc0	60-6f	1
	com0	3f8-3ff	4		ns16550a, working fifo
	com1	2f8-2ff	4		ns16550a, working fifo
	lpt0	3bc-3c3	7
	wdc0	1f0-1f7	14
	wd0				has DOS on it for now
	fdc0	3f0-3f7	6	2
	fd0				1.44MB
	npx0	f0-ff

I also get "ie0: unknown AT&T board type code 0", "ie0: can't map 3C507
RAM in high memory" but there is no Ethernet board installed.

If I install an Ultrastor 34f:

	uha0	330-333	11	5

with a SCSI disk as sd0 containing "current" it boots,  recognizes the
uha,  and gets to "changing root to sd0a" and hangs.

If I exchange the uha for an Adaptec 1542CF with the floppy disabled,
in the same slot:

	aha0	330-333	11	5

making no other changes,  it boots right up.