Subject: Re: Help with picking out a system
To: None <>
From: Jeff Kreska <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/07/1994 10:35:43
On Mon June 6, 1994 Rich Murphey wrote:

 > :From: (Kim Andersen)
 > :>   1-3 Micropolis 2.4GB Hard Drives
 > :Maybe the Barracuda will do better, at least it spins at 7200RPM.
 > :Also IBM has some nice disks in the 2GB range.
 > Has anyone benchmarked the read/write performance of the Barracuda?
 > Rich

	I have a Barracuda ST12550.  I have a BT445 VLB controller.  I
benchmarked the drive under DOS using two programs.  The first one I used was
from Core Technologies core v2.92, and the second was Checkit ver 3.0.

Core	6.5meg/s
Checkit	1.2meg/s

I have been told that checkit reports a more resanoable transfer rate than
other benchmark programs.

If you have some benchmark program that runs under NetBSD I would be glad to
bench it and let you know how well it performs.


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