Subject: Re: Help with picking out a system
To: None <>
From: Robert Crowe <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1994 17:58:42
In message <>, Rich Murphey writes:
>:From: (Kim Andersen)
>:>   1-3 Micropolis 2.4GB Hard Drives
>:Maybe the Barracuda will do better, at least it spins at 7200RPM.
>:Also IBM has some nice disks in the 2GB range.
>Has anyone benchmarked the read/write performance of the Barracuda?

I'm doing so as we speak (and have been for the last 5 days, trying to
do a torture test).  The machine I'm doing it on is running BSDI-1.1,
but the numbers should be similar for NetBSD (the last time I did this
was with NetBSD around xmas time, with a kernel that was then current, and
I seem to recall about the same numbers).

Using iozone, with a 200 MB file (on the filesystem, not a raw device), and
512 byte blocks,  I see consistently the following:

1.30 MByte/Sec writing
1.25 MByte/Sec reading

I get these speeds independent of the CPU (at least they are the same for both
486-DX-33 and the DX-66's).   The rest of the system is configured thusly:

US Logics Motherboard (The good company, not the cheap clones available in
                       comp-usa or wherever)
BusLogic 445S  Localbus Fast SCSI-II controller.
Segate 12550N  Baracuda-II, set for active termination, synchronous transfer.

The system uses about 10% CPU to do this, (Less W/ a 66Mhz processor).

Good Luck,


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