Subject: Re: Help with picking out a system
To: Robert L. Shady <>
From: Kim Andersen <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1994 22:36:48
What kind of work will these machines do ? compiles or purely mail reading ?

> Server
> ======
> 486DX/40 w/1MB cache VLB motherboard
Why not go for the DX2/66 as well. 
Depending on the kind of work I don't think the bigger cache buys you anything.
>   16MB RAM (4 pieces of 4x9 60ns RAM)

>   Buslogic 445S VLB SCSI controller
Not being to much of a guru/wizard I would think you're better of with a
EISA based machine. Won't the VLB and the CPU conflict on memory access ?

>   1-3 Micropolis 2.4GB Hard Drives
Maybe the Barracuda will do better, at least it spins at 7200RPM.
Also IBM has some nice disks in the 2GB range.

>   1-5 CD-Rom drives
Go with one of the Pioneer changers or single drives.The changer could mean
trouble if you dont devise some sort of caching.