Subject: Help with picking out a system
To: None <,>
From: Robert L. Shady <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1994 15:52:39
Okay, we are looking for the 'ideal' system to run NetBSD/FreeBSD on.  We need
to support as many users as possible per machine, and still keep a decent
performance ratio.  Here is some more information:

1) Need to be able to run X-Windows clients on our DOS machines remotely
   over the ethernet.

2) Users will most likely be coming in via Portmaster 2E-30's via modem,
   then through it's ethernet to our boxes.  The portmaster will handle
   all of the Slip/PPP connections by itself, as well as our INet connection.

3) Should we setup one "SERVER" that has all of the hard drive space, and
   then mount it on each "DIALUP" machine?  This provides us an easy way
   to allow users transparent access to their mail, etc.

4) We also want to have a CD-Rom Jukebox or some kind of massive tower to
   be able to have at least 5 CD-Roms online at a time.

5) I know that Sun's take a large performance hit when you login on the
   console, is the same true under Net/FreeBSD?

6) What is the BEST, performance wise, under Net/FreeBSD w/XFree86:
   a) Ethernet card?
   b) SCSI Controller card?
   c) Video Card?
   d) Tape/Dat Drive?
   e) CD-Rom Jukebox/Drive tower?

The best configuration I could dream up so far, is one similar to the
following, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  I have no experience
dealing with EISA machines, which I have a feeling might be what I should
be looking at.  (Or should I trash this idea, and buy some $$$ Sun 690MP?)

486DX/40 w/1MB cache VLB motherboard
  16MB RAM (4 pieces of 4x9 60ns RAM)
  Buslogic 445S VLB SCSI controller
  1-3 Micropolis 2.4GB Hard Drives
  1-5 CD-Rom drives
  WangDAT 4GB tape backup
  Monochrome Monitor & Video Card
  X-Server running on this machine
  SMC Ultra-16C

Dialups (May be several of these machines)
486DX2/66 w/1MB cache VLB motherboard
  32MB RAM (8 pieces of 4x9 60ns RAM)
  Buslogic 445S VLB SCSI controller
  200MB SCSI drive for booting
  Monochrome monitor & Video Card
  SMC Ultra-16C