Subject: Re: Source tree/kernel agony.
To: None <>
From: John Booth <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1994 11:55:34
> I've been trying to get current since the May 13 tar-balls and I have
> seen a similar behaviour as John. This past week I tried aggresively to
> get up to date but I can't figure out how to get past the "dead-lock" of
> "genassym", which prevents me from building a kernel and installing

Well, it looks like I finally got everything to work.  I rec'd some 
mail from someone that was very helpful and for anyone else out there 
here's what I finally did.  I had the May 31st sources direct from 
sun-lamp--at some time the ones on weren't updated 
although they were supposed to (May31st and May13th tar_balls mixed)
(I did a make clean in just about every directory to kill old object 
files, etc.)
1. untar all original may 2nd binaries (thus overwriting any 'newer'
   compiler mess-ups on my part). 

2. delete old source and untar the new sources (saving any you 
   want/need to.)

3. make the new config program (from the new sources).

4. make the new kernel/install and then shutdown -r.
   (there are new kernel calls that much of the source rely upon)   

   If the above doesn't compile then you probably need to
   cd /usr/src/include; make && make install--I either did this 
   before 4 or after step 6.

5. you may need to setenv LDSTATIC -static and setenv NOPIC--I don't 
   think this is needed though.

6. make all the libraries and install (otherwise as/ld/gcc won't 
7.  make and install gas/ld/gcc
8.  Make /usr/src and install.    

    When making this I had to remove the directory
    /usr/src/bootp/bootp--the file that was being compiled was
    named bootp and was barfing in linking.
Hope this helps anyone that had the same problems I did.
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