Subject: Re: Source tree/kernel agony.
To: John Booth <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1994 08:52:32
>I've currently got the May 2nd binaries from 
>installed and am trying to update to the latest source (May 31st).  I 
.am following the instructions in the FAQ--is this a good idea?  When 
>I build ld,gcc,gas,or usr.bin any executables there core dump when 
>ran.  Do I need to compile the kernel and restart before making 
>those?  I made the new config and ok, but when ran they 
>just sit around (genassym sits there and does nothing--no core dump, 
>but it just sits there....).  In desparation I compiled 
>/usr/src/lib/libc, /usr/src/gn/lib/libmalloc, /usr/src/lib, and other 
>things on the FAQ steps--all the libraries 
>(compiled/assemebled/linked with the old compiler/linker/etc) 
>compiled fine.

I've been trying to get current since the May 13 tar-balls and I have
seen a similar behaviour as John. This past week I tried aggresively to
get up to date but I can't figure out how to get past the "dead-lock" of
"genassym", which prevents me from building a kernel and installing
a new gcc that gives an "internal compiler error." when cpp is executed. 
I'm assuming that the new gcc needs a new kernel. If anyone has an answer 
I would appreciate it. Please post your answers on the net. I know of at 
least two other people who are having this same problem. I suspect there
are a lot more. Right now I'm thinking the only solution is to post another 
binary distribution. 


Jim Bachesta