Subject: Re: Cyrix 486DLC detected?
To: None <,>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/06/1994 09:57:45
>   I noticed the June 4's source has been detecting Cyrix 486DLC and try to
> set the internal cache into saftest state.  This is good for a non-DLC
> specific board, but bad for a DLC-aware board because it's degrading 
> performance.  Could the value of CCR0/CCR1 and cache region be set by
> configuration file?  This will be more flexible.  Thanks.

I noticed this too.  I've had a DLC on a generic 386/486 motherboard for
two months without problems, but the motherboard has a 486 bios, not a 
386 bios.

These chips are being sold a lot on 486 boards as they are significantly
cheaper than intel chips.  My guess would be that most DLC's are on 486 boards,
not as upgrades for 386 boards.  On the otherhand, cache off always gives
correct behavior, so it's reasonable for a default.

BTW...I just fudged and put a #define notyet_cyrix in locore.s (having source
is a plus ;-).  But something more standard like option FAST_DLC or 
DLC_CACHE_WORKS would be good.

One more bit unrelated?  Is there a reason PROCFS or PORTALFS aren't
in i386 conf/ALL ?