Subject: Re: Support for Buslogic 445S is broken in new bt742a.c
To: None <,,>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/03/1994 08:52:23
	Bus Logic 445s users have always used the bt742a.c SCSI driver.  Although
the aha1542.c driver would theoretically work, the bt742a.c driver has
always provided better through put on the SCSI devices and works well with
machines with more than 16MB of memory.
	Because there are different revisions of the 445s board out there that
work in slightly different ways, I would suggest leaving all drivers in a
state that would cause them to work with as many boards as possible.  Let
the users decide whether or not they want to use the aha1542 driver or the
bt1742 driver.
	Perhaps Dave Burgess can put a note to the effect that users of the 
Bus Logic 445s card have the option of using the bt742a driver or the
aha1542 driver depending on which ROM and board rev they have.  I, for
example, use the bt742a driver with my Bus Logic 445s with ROM rev 3.37 and
the dip switch 2/10 in the off position and find that the card is
blindingly fast.  I would not like to lose my speed in the act of upgrading
to the current kernel.
On Jun 3, 10:04am, wrote:
} Subject: Re: Support for Buslogic 445S is broken in new bt742a.c
} You should probably be using the aha1542 driver with a 445S, not the
} bt742a driver, and that was what the code was intended to enforce.  On
} the other hand, I haven't tried a 445 with *either* driver, so I don't
} know which, if either, of them works.
} If you tell me the Buslogic driver works on the 445S, I'll change the
} probe code to let it work.
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