Subject: Re: 3c509: does it work in new current ?
To: None <,>
From: Theo Deraadt <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/02/1994 16:29:34
> I'm running an (old) NetBSD-current (from 16/04/94). I've just tried a 
> 3com 3c509 adapter, and i've some problems.

Some people experience problems, some do not. It seems that EISA
machines do very well. I have a theory that it is related to DMA
contention with slower scsi controllers, or maybe just lengthy
interrupt times.

> I just get some 'fifo underflow' when putting
> the file (Not when getting).

That message is `fifo underrun', please be exact in your bug reports.
It is simply a diagnostic. If you get many of these it is a sign of
a particular correction being done by the software. Eventually those
messages will simply be deleted.

> Does anybody use a 3c509 whith 'usable' performances ?

I, for example, get over 1000KB/sec with my card.