Subject: PANIC ptdi
To: None <>
From: Uwe Klaus <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/02/1994 11:14:08

I tried to upgrade my current source from beginning of May to Juny 1st.
First, I installed the includes and the config program. The kernel
compiled well, but booting causes
	panic ptdi 1c0067

My config file:
machine		"i386"
cpu		"I486_CPU"
ident		UWE
timezone	-1 dst
maxusers	16

# "mandatory"

# all of the networking possibilities known to man
options         INET
options         NS
options         ISO
options         TPIP
options         EON
#options         LLC
#options         HDLC
#options         CCITT
# and even multicast support!
#options         MULTICAST

# "optional, but generally included"
options		"COMPAT_43"
options		"TCP_COMPAT_42"
options         "COMPAT_09"

# i386 stuff
options         UCONSOLE, XSERVER
options         "DUMMY_NOPS"
options         "COMPAT_NOMID"
options         "MACHINE_NONCONTIG"

# for per-process i386 LDT's
options         "USER_LDT"

# every file system known to man
options         FFS
options         MFS
options         MSDOSFS,ISOFS

# and even UFS quotas
#options         QUOTA

# SysV compat stuff
options         SYSVMSG,SYSVSEM
options        SYSVSHM
#options        "SHMMAXPAGES=1024"              # 1024 is the default.

# Various "debugging" stuff
#options         DDB
#options         DIAGNOSTIC
options         KTRACE

# loadable kernel modules
options         LKM

# uses the SCSI system (XXX)
options         SCSI

config		netbsd	root on wd0 swap on wd0 and sd0

controller	isa0
controller	wdc0	at isa? port "IO_WD1" irq 14 
disk		wd0	at wdc0 drive 0
disk		wd1	at wdc0 drive 1

controller	fdc0	at isa? port "IO_FD1" irq 6 drq 2
disk		fd0	at fdc0 drive 0
disk		fd1	at fdc0 drive 1

controller	aha0	at isa? port "IO_AHA0" irq 11 drq 5
master		scsibus0 at aha0
disk            sd0 at  scsibus0 slave ?
disk            sd1 at  scsibus0 slave ?
disk            sd2 at  scsibus0 slave ?
disk            sd3 at  scsibus0 slave ?
tape            st0 at  scsibus0 slave ?
tape            st1 at  scsibus0 slave ?
disk            cd0 at  scsibus0 slave ?
disk            cd1 at  scsibus0 slave ?

device		pc0	at isa? port "IO_KBD" irq 1
#device          vt0     at isa? port "IO_KBD" irq 1
device		npx0	at isa? port "IO_NPX" irq 13 
device		com0	at isa? port "IO_COM1" irq 4
device		com1	at isa? port "IO_COM2" irq 3

device		lpt0	at isa? port "IO_LPT1" irq 7
#device		lpa0	at isa? port "IO_LPT1" 
device		lms0 	at isa? port 0x23c irq 9 	# Logitech

device ed0 at isa? port 0x280 irq 10 iomem 0xd0000 
pseudo-device	ether
pseudo-device	log
pseudo-device	loop
pseudo-device	pty	64
pseudo-device	sl	2
pseudo-device   bpfilter 4
pseudo-device   ppp 2
pseudo-device	vn      4
pseudo-device	speaker

Any Ideas ?

Thanks, Uwe 

 Uwe Klaus                             email:	
 Department of Computer Science
 University Leipzig                    voice: +49 341 7192389
 Augustusplatz 10/11
 D - 04109 Leipzig                     FAX:   +49 341 7192399