Subject: disklabel: /dev/vnd0a: Operation not supported by device
To: NetBSD-current Users <>
From: Hellmuth Michaelis <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/31/1994 20:04:50
I wrote:

> When doing a 'make kc_aha.fs' in /usr/src/etc (yes, as root ;-) the command
> disklabel -r -w /dev/vnd0a floppy5 .../fdboot .../bootfd aborts with the
> message: disklabel: /dev/vnd0a: Operation not supported by device.
> Sorcetree version date is May 27th (+/- timezone). Last time i checked this
> command (around May 1st) it worked perfectly.

Solution: it seems that the major number for the vnode disk driver was changed
from 14 to 15 in conf.c, struct bdevsw.

MAKEDEV should be upgraded to generate major number 15 now - after doing it
here, everything worked again as advertized.

Hellmuth Michaelis