Subject: SUP questions
To: None <>
From: Matthieu Herrb <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/31/1994 19:33:58
While we are speaking about sup, here's my question:

I tried to get a reliable way to sup to my home machine, which is
connected through a poor 2400 baud modem to my lab. 

Using term to set up an IP connection, I tried 2 different setups:

1. Supping from sun-lamp directly from home. This has a number of
   problems. The biggest is the time it takes because it uses one sup
   connection on sun-lamp for long times since my link is so slow.

2. Supping from sun-lamp to a Sun in my lab, and then running my own
   supserver to get files to my home. 

The second solution seems better too me, especially since take
advantage of timezones I can sup while most americans are sleeping...

However, if the supserver is a sun, sup seems to transmit the whole 'scan'
list everytime, whereas supping directly from sun-lamp seems to
transmit the list of files newer than the 'when' timestamp. 

This is not a big deal on fast links, but this initial list
transmission takes about 30 minutes at 2400 bauds.

Any ideas why this happens ? 

Thank you in advance.


PS: I know I should use a faster modem !