Subject: Re: SMC Ultrachip 83C790QF P driver available?
To: <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/31/1994 03:29:57
In article <> (Niklas Hallqvist) writes:
>system.  I will maybe use this card at one of the ISA slots
>inside an Amiga 2000 running NetBSD/Amiga, but I need to
>tweak the common i386/isa/... drivers a bit in order to
>make them work on an A2000.

  Are you using a GoldenGate card? Is this the first edition?
(did David make a second edition yet?) The first edition only
provides access to I/O space. Last time I looked the WD/SMC
drivers (which was somewhere just before 386bsd 0.1 :-), they
mapped memory in. You will have to make extensive modification
to the driver to get it to not use memory. (Someone correct
me if I'm wrong. My sources are not tape right now)
  I was working on an NE1000 driver for KA9Q under AmigaDOS+GoldenGate
card, but since I didn't have a *real* NE1000 (NS evaluation board),
and the RESET wire isn't really hooked up on the PC bus (the 
bridgeboard can be reset independantly of the Amiga, and under
software control via the Bridgeboard interface...) the card never
properly reset. The primary difference between NS evaluation boards
and real NE1000s is that the later have the reset circuit for
cleaning up the 8390 when it gets stuck. I have a 3c503 card, which
I'll probably put in the 2000 soon. No MMU in my 2000, or I'd be
doing the obvious...

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