Subject: ypserv for NetBSD (ALPHA-940529)
To: None <>
From: Mats O Jansson <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/30/1994 14:36:25
Now is a new version released for anonymous ftp from:

I've just tried to compile it on NetBSD/sparc but there seems to be some
include file problems in ypserv_db.c. But I don't known the date of the
source, much might have happened. I normaly works on a 386/33MHz PC, and
uses a Sun IPC (running NetBSD/sparc or SunOS 4.1.3) as client. It seems
like it's time to get a never release of NetBSD to my IPC (and maybe the
PC too).

Here is the release information from the file README.ypserv-ALPHA-940529
Stockholm 1994-05-29 23:45

This is the second release of "ypserv for NetBSD".

New in this release is the rpc.yppasswdd server. The server supports
four switches:
	-noshell		don't allow change of shell
	-nogecos		don't allow change of gecos information
	-nopw			don't allow change of password
	-m [arg1] [arg2] ...	pass the following arguments to make

The first three switches ain't tested. The server uses routines from
usr.sbin/vipw and usr.bin/chpass. This release only has softlinks to
the source directories.

ypserv has got a new switch:
	-d			use DNS if hosts queries don't find a match
				in the YP-map.

stdhosts now needs inet_aton to be declared in <arpa/inet.h>. It have been
added recently to the NetBSD.

ypinit is the next thing for me to write. As for now there is two makefiles
in the ypinit directory:

Makefile.main should be copied to /var/yp/Makefile. Any domain that the
server should support must be named in the SUBDIR line. eg:

SUBDIR= myypdomain

Makefile.yp should be copied to /var/yp/<domain>/Makefile.

It is possible to make a cd to /var/yp and then do a make passwd
and passwd maps in all supported domains will be rebuild.


Mats O Jansson, CelsiusTech Systems, Jaerfaella, Sweden
email: (or