Subject: Those playing with GNU BFD ...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/30/1994 11:07:11
Hi (I thought of sending this to some of the kernal groups but chance has
    it more that that are playing with these things).

	Re: Changing BFD for <arch> so it supports netbsd

Just a suggestion before everyone gets their own thing going.

I've now seen several references to how to modify the:


tree to start to support architectures other than just i386 on net bsd.

Can I suggest that people doing this follow the naming schema below (so
that when it comes to merging, things are easier).  This also brings NetBSD
into line with the naming scheme that other newer BFD ports are taking.

Hopefully with this, only the file bfd/netbsd.h will need merging....

(It's a suggestion, probably an obvious one at that :-)

					regards Andrew

For `configure' specify:


For files:

	bfd/netbsd.h		Generic netbsd:a.out definitions

	bfd/netbsd-<arch>.c	Defines:
eg	bfd/netbsd-i386.c	bfd_netbsd_i386_vec
	bfd/netbsd-pmax.c	bfd_netbsd_pmax_vec

				Architecture specific code.

				(Was netbsd386.c && netbsd386_vec)

eg	bfd/config/

				Make file stub for different targets.