Subject: Newfs Minfree at 5%
To: None <>
From: Greg Cronau <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/29/1994 16:33:33
I noticed this one a while back and forgot about it. When I first installed
0.9 I used it's newfs to create all my file systems. My HP drive uses
a translation scheme that reports 128 heads so the cylinder groups were
huge. Somewhere around 56meg. When I installed -current I decided to
remake the filesystem on /usr/local with a smaller cylinder group size
to see how that might affect performance. I wound up with *more* space
when I was done. I finnally figured out that the -current newfs has
a default value for minfree of 5%, instead of the normal 10%. I can see
3 possible explanations:
1.) The filesystem under -current has been tweaked in such a manner that
    the performance difference between 10% and 5% is trivial so why bother.
2.) This is a mistake. It should default to 10%.
3.) It's not a mistake, it was intentionally set to 5% as the new default,
    but you take a performance hit and it should be raised to 10% for 
    better performance.

Anybody got any ideas?