Subject: odd cpp problem
To: None <>
From: Dave Cornejo <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/23/1994 17:29:27
I compiled everything Sunday and installed it - now I can't get the
kernel to build due to bad  characters found by as.  I managed to
demonstrate the problem with a small file (I know that the syntax
is bad)

The comments above each #define indicate what whitespace is on each

/* CONSTANT0<space><tab>45 */
#define CONSTANT0 	45
/* CONSTANT1<TAB>76 */
#define CONSTANT1	76
#define CONSTANT2 91
/* CONSTANT3<tab><space>3 */
#define CONSTANT3	 3

	mov	$CONSTANT0,eax
	mov	$CONSTANT1,eax
	mov	$CONSTANT2,eax
	mov	$CONSTANT3,eax


now, you run this through cpp and you get:

# 1 "grod"

	mov	$	45,eax
	mov	$76,eax
	mov	$91,eax
	mov	$ 3,eax


Note that CONSTANT0 & 3 were replaced by '<tab>45' and '<space>3'
which causes as to barf - is this know or am I the only idiot?


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