Subject: GCC integration questions
To: None <>
From: Noel Cragg <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/22/1994 15:25:57
Has the possibility of using GCC as-distributed been entertained?  GCC
doesn't need GNU make, so it should be possible to write some rules
for the Makefile a level above that do the right thing.

It seems to me that this kind of drop-in friendliness would be good
for the project.  That way, we could upgrade painlessly to new
versions of the C compiler without major headaches.  Just unpack the
source and make a link from (for example) gcc-2.5.8 to cc.  Similar
things could be done for the assembler and the linker.

The rules could be as simple as:

  ./configure `arch`-netbsd --prefix /usr

If the appropriate possibilities (hp300-netbsd, i386-netbsd,
pmax-netbsd, etc.) do not exist in config.sub (the file that configure
uses to determine which header files and machine descriptions to use),
I can add them so that they're included in subsequent distributions.

I apologize if this question has already been posed and answered; I
am, however, new to this group (and OS).


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