Subject: Re: how to make (sic) relinks faster...
To: None <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/22/1994 10:32:13
> The disadvantage, of course, is a few more .o files around; but
> that's the tradeoff with speed & space...

I thought it might be worthwile for us to know quantitatively how much 
"space" and how much "time" we are talking about for this change.

On my machine, at -current as of a few days ago, /usr/obj took 61775 1k 
blocks and took almost 23 minutes to rebuild after /usr/lib/libc.a is

I then changed the makefile so that *.o files are produced for single 
source file programs, rebuilt the world, touched libc.a again, and then 
built it once more.  In the end, /usr/obj had grown to 62894 1k blocks; 
but the build took only 11 and a half minutes.

So, for about a 1% increase in disk requirements we can have a 100% 
decrease in time.