Subject: Re: gcc -Wall
To: None <>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/21/1994 13:18:05
>> Is there any interest and/or work being done in getting everything
>> compile cleanly (or as cleanly as possible) with gcc -Wall?  This
>> can be done piecemeal so as to minimize impact on others.
>actually, integrating 4.4-Lite utilities will deal with a fair amount
>of that.  It's on "the list" of things to do.

is this 'list' available?

Sometimes spending an hour or two to docuument things/plans can be
rewarding in considering the larger scale perspective.

I've asked before whether some vague roadmap could be provided so users
have an rough idea of what's planned. This might also be relevant for
people making a choice between the free unix alternatives - yes they're all
good but saying that Linux approximates SysV, Free aims for more stability,
and Net rides the envelope more isn't really enough info to make an
informed decision.

I know a lot of people are running current quite happily and that messages
on the mailing-lists naturally show the problems people are having, but our
two systems, one production and one semi-production, are still 0.9 because
I haven't noticed any attempt, announcement or projection for a solid
release, not necessarily 1.0. However, there is usually warning of
particularly bad times to stay current.

wishing I had the time/skill to contribute,
Danny Thomas

now to get back to ietf to see about iana-current...