Subject: Trying to port GNAT (Ada compiler).
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/20/1994 19:10:44
	After some time of problemas and unexpected work load,
last week I had time to go ahead and try to compile GNAT
for NetBSD. I succeded in building a cross-compiler from
SunOS 4.1 to NetBSD. It compiles the examples, and the
examples run.

	When trying to build the native compiler (compiling
all the sources with the cross-compiler), it eats everything
with no errors. And generated executables seem to be 
"correct" ones. And they come up and die gracefully when
run with no arguments. Some of them even do their job.
But the most important, gnat1 (equivalent to cc1), dies
from signal 11, always in the same (Ada) line. I've tried
to debug it with gdb, but I have no experience about
that, and I find nothing interesting --except the fact
that it always dies in the same line, trying to access
to an unexisting memory address.

	Is there anybody out there with Ada and gdb knowledge,
and some time to help me? I can upload the cross-compiler
(or the patches) somewhere, also, if somebody is interested.

	My NetBSD is no very current --mid march, I was
afraid when the off_t thing--, and gnat is 1.74 --yes,
I know there are newer versions, but I have been out
of Internet for a while...

	Thanks in advance,

Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona
Universidad Carlos III, Spain
e-mail:			tel:	+34 1 624 94 58		fax:	+34 1 624 94 30