Subject: Re: XFree86 binaries for current?
To: Guenther Grau <>
From: Matthieu Herrb <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/19/1994 17:20:54
You wrote (in your message from Thu 19)
 > What does this mean, NetBSD-current isn't supported by the X
 > Consortium? I thought the XFree-Team were members of the X Consortium
 > and THEY support NetBSD-current, or am I wrong here?

Yes, XFree86 supports NetBSD-current. But the XFree86 Project Inc.  is
seen by the X Consortium as a member among other. The X Consortium
does not support all it's members platform/OS. (For example they have
never supported Sun's GS and GT Framebuffers).

The X Consortium only provide the sample implementation, known to work
under certain specific platform/OS combination. One great news with
X11R6 is that XFree86 is provided as sample implementation for x86

On another side, the X Consortium only knows "released"
versions. Which, for NetBSD, would mean NetBSD-0.9. (I'm pretty sure
that NetBSD isn't yet on their list of "known-to-work" OS).