Subject: Re: Sparc ports
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/18/1994 12:44:09
> > Has anyone done any work on a YP server implementation for NetBSD...
> No, and I don't feel like doing it. Go for it, knock yourself dead.
> It's not that hard.

Actually I had been thinking of just such a thing.  I worked up a
prototype a while back to address some security issues.  The idea was
to have RPC compatibility with ypserv but not worry about the same
implementation server side.  Also some optional extensions to help address the
security issues (shadow passwords, "coldstart" files like NIS+ uses,
etc) and allow remote administration.

The extensions would require integration with the yp client libs and ypbind,
but would be optional.

I guess the only question would be is the YP stuff and related code
(getXXXyyXXX() funcs) fairly stable so I can take off and not have a major
integration headache in a month or so?  (ie: is there much coming in from
4.4 still that will impact this?).  This is really only an issue with the
extras since "true" compatibility for the server doesn't impact the
client side.