Subject: dead vi and loopy X
To: None <current-users>
From: Charles Hannum <mycroft>
List: current-users
Date: 05/15/1994 22:16:26
A couple of people recently noted that vi didn't work on the console
and the X server would eat infinite CPU time.  This turns out to be
due to a slight error I made when rewriting conf.c.  The following
should fix both.

<       (dev_type_reset((*))) nullop, dev_tty_init(c,n), \
<       (dev_type_select((*))) enodev, dev_init(c,n,mmap), 0 }
>       (dev_type_reset((*))) nullop, dev_tty_init(c,n), ttselect, \
>       dev_init(c,n,mmap), 0 }

Thanks to cgd for pointing out the mistake.