Subject: Re: Problems with 05/13 sources
To: Kim Andersen <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/14/1994 17:40:57

Fix for one of the problems.

> 3. sys/netinet/in.h and/or  include/rpc/rpc.h
>    The problem shows when compiling gethostnamaddr.c.
>    sys/netinet/in.h is not proteced against multiple inclusions.

Undefine YP.

Everything in the library then seems to make it.  The network interface
rpc stuff doesn't seem to be able to coexist with the new stuff...

> 6. sys/socket.h
>    The prototypes for recv and sendv has changed, but the functions
>    hasn't. Changed "int len" to "size_t len"

Found that one too.

> regards
> kim

Well, I got 'round the 'everything core dumping' problem.

Step 1:

ebuild and Boot with a new kernel

Step 2:

Rebuild everything else.

If you try to do the steps the other way, you are toast.

Dave "the ex-toasted" Burgess