Subject: Building gcc-2.5.8
To: None <>
From: Phil Nelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/13/1994 08:57:53
>   What about incorporating a more up-to-date gcc than gcc-2.4.5 into
>   the source tree?
>Is there something *wrong* with the one currently in the tree?  It seems
>to work just fine for everything I've built.

**YES** For the pc532 (ns32k) port, gcc-2.4.5 has *TOO MANY* bugs.  I
need 2.5.8 to compile a reliable kernel.  (It has some optimization
bugs that change the meaninig of code ... and when optimization was
turned off, things really went bad.)  Also, the shared lib work for
the ns32k (which is not yet fully in the tree) was done to 2.5.8.  And
finally, 2.4.5 cc1plus can not compile the C++ in the source tree on
the pc532.

So for the pc532 port to have its compiler in the tree, we need to update.

I would recommend that the gcc2/arch/xxx/insn-yyyy.c files NOT be part
of the tree but get generated from the config files.