Subject: Re: libm and i387
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/09/1994 16:28:44
> Ooops, sorry. I had an old .depend around, which told make to do what I
> thought was wrong.  As soon as I rm'd that, it worked.  *blush*

Some good safety tips:

Never be afraid to do a "make depend" on every thing.  Sure it
takes an hour or two.  Just run it overnight.  What's waiting an extra
day or 1/2 a day to avoid loosing an evening chasing dumb problems.
(On my machine, make depend only takes a couple of hours).  Anytime I sup
I do this...and of course more limited bits can be done when you change
specific subsystems that you know the scope hope.

Also, log your make output and review it before never
know what you'll find.

Finally, log and review your sup output.  For instance, with things like
groups and whoami being moved and whole directories going away you often have
to do some manual cleanup (sup can't blow away and doesn't clean up seperate
obj dirs or object files for instance).

Also think a little rationally.  I noticed right away that "whoami" was
deleted.  At first I thought "What on earth"....then realized,
something like that isn't going to be summarily deleted or broken
(intentionally at least ;-).

A quick review of the sup output (I always run -v into a log file) found
the answer without even a "find -name " needed...

Just remember... " |& tee blech" or " | tee blech 2>&1" if you like to watch
but still want a log file...almost always worth the trouble.