Subject: Re:Misc ramblings
To: None <>
From: Kim Andersen <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/09/1994 10:51:50
kim>>   2. Would there be any idea in starting a repository of ported packages ?

Charles>> We have no problem with someone doing that, but it's not really worth
Charles>> our time to.
It wasn't my intention that the core should be doing this. 
Maybe this part should have been directed to non-core members.

Theo>> My view is that, if anyone makes some changes to make a package
Theo>> run under NetBSD, that they send those changes back to the
Theo>> original author of the package, for reintegration in the next
Theo>> release of that package.
I fully agree.

alanp>> But kim's original point was that there should be a repository for NetBSD
alanp>> binaries of ported software.  That would be a convenience for people who
alanp>> don't want to compile stuff themselvs (or don't know how), but for small
alanp>> packages, I don't think it is necessary.

Yes this was what I meant. I better start thinking before writing.