Subject: Re: Misc ramblings
To: None <>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/09/1994 10:39:42
>My view is that, if anyone makes some changes to make a package
>run under NetBSD, that they send those changes back to the
>original author of the package, for reintegration in the next
>release of that package.
>A few have already been done: some gnu stuff, xntp, tcsh, just
>to name a few.

in which case some care has to be taken to account for differences. eg with
sendmail 8.6.9 I had to make two changes to the distribution NetBSD build
to get it to work on a plain 0.9:
    POSIX_CHOWN_RESTRICTED to 1 in <sys/unistd.h>
    and -LDADD= -lutil in makefile

but I haven't reported these back to Eric 8-). With changes these trivial,
just a note in the makefile is probably adequate.

Anyway I'd be interested in some discussion of Kim's first point:

>1. What are the current goals keeping version 1.0 from materialising ?
>   Are we waiting for 4.4Lite and integration of this ?
>   I see a lot of changes going on but find it hard to see where it
>   is leading.

I run two NetBSD 0.9 systems, one in production so I've never had the
feeling that any particular time was good to grab a reasonably stable
version, say a stage roughly at the 0.95 beta level. At least my IDE hangs
are reasonably predictable that I can tolerate, but I would like to
repartition and install X11 which would be best done with a system upgrade.
A brief roadmap if not a timeframe would be useful.

As a specific question, will 4.4s immutable file capability be inherited?

Danny Thomas