Subject: Re: Misc ramblings
To: None <>
From: Alan Pearson <alanp@cory.EECS.Berkeley.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 05/08/1994 17:21:19 wrote:
> wrote
> > 2. Would there be any idea in starting a repository of ported packages ?
> My view is that, if anyone makes some changes to make a package
> run under NetBSD, that they send those changes back to the
> original author of the package, for reintegration in the next
> release of that package.

I second that opinion.  I don't personally like the idea of maintaining a
separate "ports" archive because it presents a hinderance to keeping NetBSD
software up-to-date.  Say, for example, that someone ports tcsh 6.01 to
NetBSD, and puts the software in some NetBSD ports archive.  Then a new
version is released.  The porting has to be done again.  Also, I think
there is a opinion that FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux are not "real" unix 
among the DEC/SGI/Sun crowds, since it runs on PC's not workstations.
Keeping our stuff seperate can't help but reinforce that.

But kim's original point was that there should be a repository for NetBSD
binaries of ported software.  That would be a convenience for people who
don't want to compile stuff themselvs (or don't know how), but for small
packages, I don't think it is necessary.  Now for big stuff, like XFree86
it is, but that kind of thing is already packaged in binary form.

alan pearson                                 UC Berkeley EECS