Subject: Re: How to boot diskless...
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From: Gorgonio Barreto Ara'ujo <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/06/1994 11:40:08
>From: (Gordon W. Ross)
>Received: by walnut 
>        (4.1//ident-1.0) id AA12001; Thu, 5 May 94 21:07:09 EDT 
>The current NFS mount_root implementation uses BOOTP to get the
>path names for root and swap.  In fact, it kind of misuses the
>"boot file name" part of the BOOTP response packet to get it.
>The client sends a BOOTP request with "root" as the boot file
>name, and expects the reply to have something like:
>	"/export/myclient/root"
>as the boot file name.  The client then sends another request
>with "swap" as the boot file and expects something like:
>	"/export/myclient/swap"
>as the boot file name.  Not all bootp servers like this.
>The bootp server I am maintaining (from CMU originally, and
>now up to version 2.3.7) did not until recently allow for
>the boot-file-name to change from one request to another.
>(Time to check in the latest version, I guess...)

Is it necessary to change any thing in the kernel? What should I change in the config file from a diskless kernel? Can I just change ``config options'' as follow?

	config	netbsd root on ed0 swap on ed0

>I hope this helps more than it confuses...
>Gordon Ross

netboot, found in /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/netboot, by Jim McKim (, does this process from a i386. There are drivers to Western Digital and NE2100. We're trying to port it to NE2000 and DEPCA.


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