Subject: Re: How to boot diskless...
To: None <,>
From: Theo Deraadt <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/05/1994 19:23:52
>On a PC, you could load the netboot program from a floppy, or
>if you have an appropriate Ethernet PROM, that could load it.
>Once netboot (the NetBSD bootstrap) is loaded, it does this:
>2   Uses BOOTP (or RARP?) to get client and server IP addresses
>3   Uses TFTP (or NFS?) to download a kernel

a good basic description, gordon.

a note is needed on the above, though. it is a very bad idea to load a
kernel via TFTP. there are fundamental problems with using tftp in
this fashion.

normally the tftp server will run in secure mode, and it is not
possible to get the exact same kernel as in the client's root
directory (which you want for kvm stuff) this requires either
	1) having /tftpboot on the same partition as the client's
	   root (so you can hard link the kernel)
or	2) having two seperate copies of the kernel.

it is much better to just load the kernel via nfs, though this does
make the boot process a little bit more complicated.