Subject: Re: X11R6 is not ready for FreeBSD yet
To: Bakul Shah <>
From: Kaleb Keithley <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/04/1994 09:59:07
>{I am forwarding the relevant section of your email to the
> netbsd-current mailling list)

>You write:
>> I beg to differ. I compiled R6 on FreeBSD 1.1 GAMMA with only two
>> trivial errors related to the lexical analyzer used by FreeBSD and
>> presumable NetBSD. Note that BSDI's 386/BSD uses the same lex, so
>> a fix might be as easy as changing "#ifdef __bsdi__" to "#if defined
>> (__bsdi__) || defined(__FreeBSD__)"

>Note that this is not necessary, atleast for NetBSD, if you define
>LEX to be `lex -l', which generates yylineno & friends.  Also,
>your fix does not work in fonts/PEX as yylineno is not declared in

>In NetBSD-current imake fails thanks to the off_t change --

>[and lots more about what doesn't work on NetBSD-current deleted]

Now I think you're doing everyone a disservice by quoting me out of
context. The original post refered only to FreeBSD and I responded solely
in that context. Posting to NetBSD's current-users list sends the debate 
down a path that I can't follow because I'm not on (nor do I wish to be 
on, I get enough email as it is, thanks) that list, so I can't address 
any issues that might come up.

X11R6 nominally supports NetBSD 0.9 -- period! If NetBSD-current is
as far ahead of 0.9 as freebsd-current is ahead of 1.1, then you're
talking about apples and oranges. Building (or failing to build) on 
-current is not a fair test by any stretch of the imagination. The X 
Consortium would be happy to hear about any problems (in the form of 
bug-reports) in R6 built against 0.9. It would probably be a wise idea 
to cc: the XFree86 project as well. 

I should mention that it is our policy that we only support the OS 
versions that are offically released at the time of our release, so 1.0, 
-current, -whatever will never be offically supported until R7 ships.


X Consortium