Subject: Latest problems
To: None <>
From: Robert L. Shady <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/04/1994 08:17:01
Couple quick questions/comments..

I am running currents from the past 2 weeks or some (Apr 20+) on the 
following configurations

ZEUS                  HADES                 GATEWAY1
====                  =====                 =======
486/DX40 VLB          386/DX33              386/DX33
16MB RAM              8MB RAM               4MB RAM
Adaptec 1542C         Generic IDE Cntrlr    Generic IDE Cntrlr
180MB SCSI-2          340MB IDE             40MB IDE
1GB SCSI-2            540MB IDE
250MB Wangtek         Soundblaster PRO
NE-2000 Clone         NE-2000 Clone         NE-2000 Clone
SVGA Card/Monitor     SVGA Card/Monitor     Mono Card/Monitor
4 16550 Serials                             4 16550 Serials
2 28.8k Modems                              2 28.8k Modem
2 14.4k Modems                              2 14.4k Modems

Gateway1 is our SLIP connection to the Internet.  It is also our nameserver,
and dialup SLIP/PPP server.  Hades is our news server.  Zeus is our main
Interactive dialup server, and backup nameserver.  

1) All machines exhibit some form of crash/reboot at least once every 3 days
   or so.  Gateway1 reboots SEVERAL times a day, generally three or four 
   times per hour under normal->heavy load (Average 1000+ cps constant).
   Is there still a problem with only 4 MB of ram?  It seems as thought there
   is some form of major problem with tcp/ip code that is causing a crash.
   How would I go about tracing this more closely (assuming I added the
   DIAGNOSTIC & DDB options to the kernel, how do I trace the stack/etc).

2) What is the best way to avoid an NFS server 'hang'.  I am cross mounting
   several directories between Hades & Zeus, and when one or the other is
   down, the other hangs indefinately until the other one comes back up.
   I am using the following in my /etc/fstab:

/dev/sd0a 	/		ufs	rw	1 1
/dev/sd0e 	/tmp		ufs	rw	1 2
/dev/sd1a 	/home		ufs	rw	1 3
/dev/mcd0d	/cdrom		isofs	ro	1 3
kernfs 		/kern		kernfs	rw	1 1
procfs		/proc		procfs	rw	1 1
hades:/		/hades		nfs		rw,soft,intr,bg 1 3
hades:/news /news		nfs		rw,soft,intr,bg 1 3

3) I am still getting a massive amount of SILO overflow's on Gateway1, even
   though I am using the 16550 UARTS.  This is notices with sustained 
   transfer rates of ~1700cps.

4) Was there a good reason for removing/changing the definitions of some of
   the most common things (ie: sys_errlist, etc)?  I asked this before, and
   I believe that the answer was to become POSIX compatible, but this is
   starting to get rediculous.  I have to really tear apart programs to get
   them to compile under NetBSD now, where as before, if they worked on a
   Sun, they probably compiled under NetBSD without change.  Is there some
   way we can put the old defines back, maybe under a "#ifdef PRE_POSIX"
   or something to make it easy to port old code that may not yet conform?

-- Thanks!