Subject: Re: Sorry, wish for if_ed.c
To: James Jegers <>
From: Gerard J van der Grinten <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/04/1994 09:44:49
Hello James, 
> >
> >Hello All,
> >After all the struggles to get if_ed.c (arch/i386/isa) into shape,
> >I ran into yap (yet another problem) Luckeley not al ethernet boards (cards)
> >are created equal, especially the older ones. Mine is an WD8003EB (sig 0x25)
> >and still has jumpers for the selection of the bnc/aui connector.
> >This means: during startup : NET0 corrupt memmory interface complains.
> >Aparently the try to set the interface blows some config on the wdc 8003.
> >I have to keep an older kernel running now. 
> >Guess a table with board/card tables who can set the connector software-
> >wise is needed during ed_init and ed_attach.
> >The attach tels me WD8003EB 8bit (bnc)  and i jumpered (2 jumpers) aiu....
> >Regards, Gerard.
>   you mean NIC memory corrupt?
Yes , but i get 0 not 65535 as someone else reported.
>   How many floppy drives do you have?  If you only have one
>   just configure one into your kernel..
I have one , a 5 1/4 inch (think metric ....)
>   I don't know why yet. but that seemed to help me with my
>   NIC memory corrupt, bad size 0    problem.
Whell , I quickly tried that and Thanks Murphy, it didn't work.
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So I still am at square one... It is not the in / out as i disabeled that
in if_ed.c. .
So just wait for Charles to come up with the sollution in this fast moving
kernel/netbsd collection of sources.
Regards, Gerard.
Gerard J van der Grinten  []
Elzenlaan 8                       (temporary qrl)
3467 TJ Driebruggen       (home)
Netherlands       (+031)-34871606  Home. (+031)-52748435 Qrl.