Subject: Re: kvm-using programs...
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/1994 22:43:56
cgd was heard to utter:
>don't even bother trying to compile libkvm or kvm-using programs
>after tonight's sup.  (also, don't bother mailing and saying that
>they don't compile...  8-)
>they should be fixed within a few days.

After which time somebody will release a spiffy new top machine file
for NetBSD-current? :-)

Is it possible to integrate top into the standard set of utilities?  I
find it a very useful thing to have around.  It's been partially
crippled since early April, and I haven't had the time to go learn
about all the little pieces that have broken.  Thanks...


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