Subject: Re: Problems with tcp over slip
To: James M Chacon <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/1994 00:33:17
>I run a fairly up to date system here (I get email about changes to the
>source tree at 8 every morning since we mirror iastate here). Haven't
>had any problems with slip at all ever since I got my 16550's for
>my serial card. There is something in the code which seems to require
>those, but after I got 'em everything worked great.

I've had crashes within the networking code:

_Debugger (...)
_panic (...)
_ipintr(0, f817d078, 0, f811b836, 0) at _ipintr+0x98
_Xsoftnet (...) @ _Xsoftnet+0x29
_sendit (...) @ _sendit+0x208

the remainder is gone.  What do I do within the debugger to get a dump
taken so I can poke around after the box reboots?


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