Subject: Re: Problems with tcp over slip
To: None <>
From: James M Chacon <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/1994 11:52:12
>Recently, I've been having various slip lockups and crashes while
>telnetted between Solaris 2.3 and NetBSD-current.  When telnetting out
>from NetBSD, the telnet sessions would often hang, with netstat
>showing 20-30 packets sitting in the send queue.  When telnetting in,
>often all the telnet sessions would hang at once, and no new telnet or
>rlogin connections would be accepted, although the machine would
>respond to finger requests and pings.  Also, my machine would crash
>about twice a day, and the tcp routines would usually be found in the
>Just for the hell of it, I tried undoing all of the tcp changes in the
>last month.  The result was a vastly more stable kernel, which hasn't
>crashed once since (up 3 days so far).  I haven't had a single telnet
>session hang since either.

I run a fairly up to date system here (I get email about changes to the
source tree at 8 every morning since we mirror iastate here). Haven't
had any problems with slip at all ever since I got my 16550's for
my serial card. There is something in the code which seems to require
those, but after I got 'em everything worked great.

Hell, I'm typing this in in a slip window from todays kernel :-)

The only crash I've ever had with slip running was a panic in sbdrop that
I noticed someone else had reported, and appears to have been fixed.
Otherwise everything works great for me here. You didn't mention what system,
but mine's a 486 running current, if your's is on of the other arch's
your mileage may vary obviously.