Subject: Re: A few observations
To: None <>
From: Brad Parker <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/30/1994 12:54:28

Apparently you were absent from school the day when the teacher taught
everyone else to "treat others as you would like to be treated" ;-(

I've been keeping current within a day or two, and I just got hit with
(2) below, and I don't recall any mail messages saying "gee, I just
changed config and you better rebuild it" (maybe one came through, but
I didn't see one).

I just did a full rebuild several days ago without a hitch and upon
sup'ing today, rebuilding my kernel and rebooting I got a panic in

I'll let you know if rebuilding config, config'ing my kernel and
rebuilding it helps.


In message <>, 

>1) is a totally bogus hack, and will break more systems than it helps.
>The relevant questions are: a) whether your controller actually has a
>functional `alternate status' port, and if so b) where an interrupt is
>getting wedged so that everything times out.
>2) is an indication that you didn't rebuild config(8).  (Like, duh, we
>didn't change vm_swap.c just for the Hell of it.)
>3) would indicate to me that pcvt is still outputting to (or at least
>trying to scroll) the active window while in X mode.  This would be a
>bug in pcvt somewhere.
>4) will get very bad if you pcvt, since it does a lot of work (for some
>reason I don't want to be privy to) at spltty().