Subject: Re: A few observations
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/29/1994 11:34:23
The wd.c hack is bogus allright.. I just needed something to be able to
run the latest kernels on that particular machine (ok, so a SCSI disk
would have been a better idea 8))

> 2) is an indication that you didn't rebuild config(8).  (Like, duh, we
> didn't change vm_swap.c just for the Hell of it.)

Shame on me.. beginner's error #1 (somehow I did not notice mkswapconf.c
being changed, argh).

> 3) would indicate to me that pcvt is still outputting to (or at least
> trying to scroll) the active window while in X mode.  This would be a
> bug in pcvt somewhere.

> 4) will get very bad if you pcvt, since it does a lot of work (for some
> reason I don't want to be privy to) at spltty().

Combining these 2 things: somehow, I seem to remember that the screen jumping
started when I started up Seyon (i.e. began using a serial port at high speed).
This is a guess, but hmm. I'll check this.

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