Subject: Re: Another crash, current-940425
To: None <>
From: David Bryan Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/1994 11:30:39
>    i cant even seem to get lpt1 working. its device number 16,1, which
>    seems right, and its detected at bootup. if i try to cat a file to it,
>    it says "Device not configured" what am i doing wrong?
> That would indicate that you don't have an interrupt configured, so you
> can only use the polling device, called `lpa1'.  I updated the man page
> a while ago to discuss this.

Having not installed recently, I don't know if this is actually done, but one
of the folks that I help with NetBSD (who is even more clueless than me)
pointed out that nowhere in the install docs does it mention the /usr/share/doc
directory.  I pointed him in the right direction, and told him how to produce 
the docs and he is a happy camper now.  If anyone has any plans to change
the install docs, maybe advertising 2 Megs of built in docs might be a Good

Just a thought
TSgt Dave