Subject: Re: Instructions to go from 0.9 to current (fwd)
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/1994 00:06:10
>Date: Wed, 27 Apr 94 18:12:25 -0800
>I obtained this from my partner who subscribes to current-users, to
>which I've just subscribed...


>I'm trying to upgrade to NetBSD-current using the archive at
> trying to use your kind crib sheet, and have gotten
>something totally messed up...

That cribsheet is OLD.  For the sake of future generations,

* DON'T USE IT!!!!!! *

The procedure I made back then was finally hosed for good when the
off_t changes went in.  Now you have to make a new kernel before
installing the new include files, libraries, &c.  I'm not willing to
load up 0.9 again to see if it's even possible.

Here's my New and Improved 2-step 0.9 to -current upgrade procedure:

1) Download and install the latest binary snapshot from sun-lamp.
2) Upgrade your tree regularly from sources after that, watching
   current-users for announcement of potential land mines.

If you need more details, get in touch with me privately and I'll help
you out.

>Was something I did really obviously wrong?  Is there some guide to how
>to upgrade to NetBSD-current that I've totally missed somewhere?

You didn't do anything wrong except to use old directions.

Unfortunately any guide of that type will be out of date in some way
within weeks of its release.  Over the course of two months, forget it!

>Sorry if this is copied to the wrong group (let me know if so!), and if
>this has been asked ten zillion times (I'm missing something about how
>to configure NetBSD-current!)...

This is the right place, and the question is not asked too often.  I
have a sneaking suspicion that one reason for that may be that people
try it, hit a stumbling block like you did, and give up to go back to
0.9 (or That Other *BSD :-).

Perhaps it's time to create doc/UPGRADE, with directions describing
how to get around the most common stumbling blocks in the process of
getting and installing the snapshot, &c.  Thoughts?
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