Subject: Re: Another crash, current-940425
To: Robert L. Shady <>
From: James M Chacon <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1994 14:49:53
>> Hmmm, "DIAGNOSTIC" is not a config variable that I knew about. Could
>> someone in the know give a quick rundown on what the pros and cons
>> of defining this parameter are? It sounds like it would be a useful
>> thing to have turned on considering the state of the code.
>"options	DIAGNOSTIC"
>This enables internal consistancy checking, and prints a few more debugging
>messages as well.  Generally considered a GOOD thing.

Very nice in general, but it keeps claiming my lpt port is out of paper 
now :-( I get a lot of these now:

Apr 26 23:13:55 quix /netbsd: lpt0: out of paper
Apr 26 23:14:05 quix last message repeated 5 times
Apr 26 23:24:37 quix last message repeated 5 times
Apr 26 23:35:16 quix last message repeated 14 times
Apr 26 23:46:18 quix last message repeated 6 times
Apr 26 23:56:15 quix last message repeated 9 times
Apr 27 00:06:08 quix last message repeated 29 times

I don't even have a printer attached to that port currently, its mainly
defined in the kernel since its attached hardware and I plan on hooking
one up real soon now.