Subject: Re: NE2100 VLB
To: Sergio Prallon <>
From: Paul <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1994 14:15:14
In reply to Sergio Prallon who said
> > 
> > I have recently purchased a dealer demo version of an NE2100 compatible 
> > Vesa Local Bus ethernet card.  The problem is, the NE2100 driver in NetBSD
> > requires the use of a DMA channel, while the localbus card does not.  Is
> > this as simple as adding code to allow the driver to work without a DMA
> > channel, or does the entire way the driver works have to be rewritten?
> > 
> > 		-- Rob
> May be your card is a VLB bus-master card. In this case it will do VESA DMA
> but will not require any of the ISA DMA channels. If it happens to be true,
> you will need some tech specs of the card to program the card own DMA 
> instead of the MB's.

The NE2100 was a bus-master card too. I may be wrong but I've never come 
across anything particular to local bus DMA. The driver already uses
bus-mastering DMA.

  Paul Richards, FreeBSD core team member.
  Intelligent Systems Laboratory, ELSYM ,University of Wales, College Cardiff