Subject: Re: Ultrasound in NetBSD
To: Bakul Shah <uunet!!bakul@uunet.UU.NET>
From: Bakul Shah <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1994 11:34:10
> If anyone wants a copy of what I have right now, they're welcome to it; I'd be
> glad to open a discussion with anyone about the "right" way to work on this
> driver (I'm sure the driver itself is littered with bogosities, as this was
> the first driver I've ever written, and it was pretty much "learn as you go").

Yes, I'd like a copy of your driver.  I think the `right' way to
do an audio driver may be to split it in two halves; a device
independent `upper' half and a device dependent `lower' half.  It
should be possible to use the same upper half with a variety of
audio devices.  Actually, this structure works well for any

The interface between two halves will be heavily parameterized +
involve `callback' routines from the lower half to upper half --
it can be somewhat ugly.  But that is okay as this interface is
not exposed to users and device dependent stuff is factored out in
one place.  Doing the interface right equires experience with this
sort of device drivers + various audio devices.

But first i'd like to get either your or the Linux/FreeBSD driver
up and running.

Thanks, Ken (and Eric, for the pointer)..