Subject: Re: Another crash, current-940425
To: Greg Cronau <>
From: Robert L. Shady <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/27/1994 06:45:13
> >#ifdef DIAGNOSTIC
> >        if (uio->uio_rw != UIO_READ && uio->uio_rw != UIO_WRITE)
> >                panic("uiomove: mode");
> >
> >I suppose if I removed DIAGNOSTIC from my kernel config it might run,
> >but I'd rather know when things aren't working right inside.

> Hmmm, "DIAGNOSTIC" is not a config variable that I knew about. Could
> someone in the know give a quick rundown on what the pros and cons
> of defining this parameter are? It sounds like it would be a useful
> thing to have turned on considering the state of the code.

"options	DIAGNOSTIC"

This enables internal consistancy checking, and prints a few more debugging
messages as well.  Generally considered a GOOD thing.