Subject: Re: NE2100 VLB
To: None <>
From: Sergio Prallon <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/26/1994 23:14:09
> I have recently purchased a dealer demo version of an NE2100 compatible 
> Vesa Local Bus ethernet card.  The problem is, the NE2100 driver in NetBSD
> requires the use of a DMA channel, while the localbus card does not.  Is
> this as simple as adding code to allow the driver to work without a DMA
> channel, or does the entire way the driver works have to be rewritten?
> 		-- Rob
May be your card is a VLB bus-master card. In this case it will do VESA DMA
but will not require any of the ISA DMA channels. If it happens to be true,
you will need some tech specs of the card to program the card own DMA 
instead of the MB's.

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