Subject: Re: othersrc/xntp
To: Eric S. Hvozda <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/1994 10:09:39
> What happened to it?  Why did it go away?  Or was support of timed
> decided to be enough?

I can't answer thosse questions, but I can say that the standard xntp3.*
distribution (*) compiles, installs
and works fine on NetBSD.  Here's a recipie, tested a few minutes ago
with xntp3.3y:

   * un-tar the xntp distribution
   * delete the Config.local file supplied with the distribution, if any,
     and make an appropriate Config.local file for your environment.
     Running `make' will probably do the right thing,
     unless you have a radio or atomic clock hooked up to your system,
     in which case you probably need to edit Config.local by hand.
   * make
   * make install
   * create an appropriate /etc/ntp.conf file
   * add appropriate stuff to /etc/rc.local.  I suggest `tickadj -A'
     (or with other args if you are brave), followed by `ntpdate -o1 -b
     host1 host2 host3' (for some suitable list of hosts), followed
     by `nice --15 xntpd'.
   * disable timed in /etc/netstart, because you don't want timed and
     xntpd fighting with each other about how to adjust the time.
     Alternatively, if you have to have timed, install a version of
     timed that insists on being a master, and never tries to adjust
     the local clock. ntp-timed.patch might help here; I don't know
     where ntp-timed.patch originally came from, but I have a copy at

--apb (Alan Barrett)